Mission Statement

BabyFirst Americas’ mission is to offer Latino parents the ability to help their children integrate into American society, while maintaining a strong connection to their Latino heritage and bilingual communication. Simultaneously, we also see our mission as bringing the beautiful Latino culture to all American homes reaching children of every ethnicity, increasing awareness to its values, and helping establish Latino culture as a truly integrated part of the American culture.


BabyFirst Americas sets out to provide parents with an additional educational tool that meets families’ needs – whether they are currently bilingual or wanting to introduce their children to another language. The channel provides families with:

  • Content introducing important concepts such as numbers, animals, colors, shapes, music, animals, art and more
  • Programs that reflect the culture of American Latinos, such as childhood songs, games and stories
  • Developmentally appropriate programming that is supervised by a worldwide advisory board of early childhood education experts
  • An environment that is the calmest, safest and most wholesome option available on TV
  • Hundreds of hours of programming including content from top baby DVD brands
  • Spanish and English language audio options